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GATE MOTORS We Supply, Install, Repair, Service and Upgrade all Gate Motors, PC Boards and Accessories - Call Now! +27 011 436-0533...

Son Security and Property Management

Gate Motors

The following is a list of
Gate Motor brands currently in South Africa!

NB! If you have a Gate Motor Brand and Model in mind, please let us know!
If not, we can most certainly specify the right Gate Motor for your application!


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Centurion Sliding Gate Motors and Centurion Swing Gate Motors

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Hansa Sliding Gate Motors and Hansa Swing Gate Motors

Hansa Gate Motors

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DACE Sliding Gate Motors and Dace Swing Gate Motors
DACE Gate Motors

Hansa Gate Motors

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Gemini Sliding Gate Motors and Gemini Swing Gate Motors

Gemini Gate Motors

GEMINI Gate Motors

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DTS Sliding Gate Motors and DTS Swing Gate Motors

DTS Gate Motors 


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